Access cashflow to keep your sites building with construction finance

We work with specialist lender partners that get your sector and what you need.

Construction business? How can you keep funding your current sites and new opportunities without cash flow in your business?

Your customers might not pay you for 30 to 60 days+ but you still have to pay staff, contractors, suppliers and all your overheads this week and this month!

Delays in your supply chain and staff shortages means that there are longer gaps between you paying out and your customers paying you.

We know the value of being able to access some funds at Application for Payment to keep working capital – and your business – moving.

A Construction Finance facility is revolving – client payments repay the funds that you have drawn down into the business, and the facility headroom is immediately available to you again.

The cost of funding will slightly reduce margins – but with little effect on working capital, and you can still meet other cash demands – and take up new projects and opportunities.

We can do all the heavy lifting to find the right funding for your business – so you can get on with the heavy lifting on site.


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Without access to working capital, how else can you take on new opportunities and business – and grow your business?

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